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Laptop is the hub for pay-per-view Virtual Tours of museums of the world. We’re changing the way the world visits museums by taking them to the people - one museum at a time. We are the first of our kind in Virtual Tourism across multiple museums. Now the online virtual tourist has a home for museum visits.

At we fully fund every production, there is no cost ever to any museum for what we do. And we lead in financial innovation too - part proceeds of every Virtual Museum Tour sale is donated back its respective organisation, creating an entirely new revenue stream never previously explored.

That’s our “Skin in the Game”.


Come and see the museums of the world with us as we grow our list – we’re removing the cost and time and security risk of travel. Visual history and meaningful education has now arrived to anyone disadvantaged by distance or economic constraints. is online around the clock, around the world, 24hrs a day.

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 RAAFA Aviation Heritage Museum, Perth

RAAFA Aviation Heritage Museum, Perth


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