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Vuseum was founded in May 2015 by husband and wife team Phillip and Renee Withnell.

Renee’s profession as a primary school teacher identified a need for an online resource, particularly for remote region schools to take students to a museum to explore and learn.

Naturally, class excursions for regional schools are impractical so a solution was needed to bridge the void between the museum and the students – online was the answer, bring the museum to the students!

Phillip, technically backgrounded, an amateur photographer and a museum volunteer, understood the needs and constraints of both the museums and the schools so between he and Renee, formulated that solution. was thus set up as a hub to access, a ‘Virtual Museum’ shop.

The imaging technology had been around for some 12 years, so was reliable and stable. The internet and its new cloud storage facility provided the easy, secure access and with the roll out of NBN to the regional areas by the Australian Government, all the elements were aligning to make it happen.

The Vuseum platform appears at first, similar to Googles fantastic ‘Street View’ platform and many of us have seen ‘Virtual Tours’ in real estate.

What makes us unique is that we have education as our prime driver and our Virtual Tours are built around this, not added to it as an afterthought.

We take you into the story of a museum’s exhibit. We aim to answer the ‘What, How, Where, Who, When and Why’ about it and you will see much of what you could if you were actually there in the museum.

But there’s more. In some of the bigger exhibits, we take you inside it. Often to places not permitted if you physically visited the museum.

From each tour purchased, part-proceeds go back to the museum so you are supporting a museum every time you purchase a tour

We hope you enjoy the experience and share your discoveries with your friends and their children.

Phil & Renee Withnell

Museums Australia


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