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The wreck and memorial to the
B24-J Liberator bomber - 'Milady'

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Near Darwin in the Northern Territory of Australia lies the wreck of a Consolidated B-24J Liberator aircraft that crashed during WWII.

The wreck site is cared for and developed by the Local and Territory Governments as a memorial to six USAAF airmen who lost their lives in this catastrophe on 17 January 1945 as well as the USAAF in who served, defending Australia during WWII.

The cause of the crash has never been confirmed though human error is thought to have been the case.

“Milady” 42-73134 of the USAAF 380th Bomb Group failed to return to from a training flight and was discovered a short time later at this location.

Our Virtual Tour takes you around the wreckage and brings you the story of the aircraft and its crew from the informative signage erected on site.

Wagait Shire CouncilRead the dedication plaque and see close up, the wreckage to learn the story of the men and the machine. Recognisable aircraft parts as well as informative signage abound here.

A form of outdoor museum in its own right, this is a remarkable and unique memorial.

Lest we forget…


  • Consolidated Aircraft Corporation B-24J “Milady”. Ser. 42-73134
  • Wings
  • Fuselage Components
  • Engine Mounts
  • Bomb Rack
  • Intercooler
  • Empennage

  • Interpretive Plaques
  • Bronze Plaque on a Cairn in Memorial to USAAF Personnel:
    2nd lieutenant R.T. Neal (O823712) Pilot
    2nd lieutenant W.E. Scanlan (O711027) Co-Pilot
    2nd lieutenant W.J. Ward (O2064690) Navigator
    2nd lieutenant R.W. Walsh (O777385) Bombardier
    Sergeant F. Gaballero (38553915) Mechanic/Gunner
    Sergeant G. Sacre (17122357) Radio/Mechanic/Gunner


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Vuseum acknowledges the contributions of the following people and organisations.

Narrative Plaques

Northern Territory Government Heritage Branch.

Department of Lands, Planning and the Environment

Waigait Shire Council staff and volunteers

USAAF 380th Bomb Group Association


Mr Robert Alford 

Cicada Studio


Mr Robert Alford


Mr Robert Alford

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