Why don't the tours use Flash?

Adobe plans to completely phase out its Flash Player by 2020 and browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari etc. may decide to prevent it's use even earlier because of it's vulnerabilities.

Vuseum tours use only HTML5 viewers which are not only smaller but faster and more efficient.

HTML5 icon

For more detailed information on HTML5 please visit Wikipedia

Tour Menu Icons

Tour Menu Icons

Instructions for Virtual Tours

Next 360

Touch / mouse click icons to jump to the next 360 location.

Next 360 location

Drag Rotate

Drag image around with finger. You can also drag with mouse or use the pan icons highlighted below.

Drag and Rotate

Info hotspots

Touch / click the info icon to load a popup window and view more detailed information.

Info Hotspots


Use pinch to zoom in or out. You can also use mouse scroll wheel or zoom icons below.


Look Inside

Touch / click the ‘Look Inside’ icon to load an Interior 360.

Look Inside

Thumbnail Images

Thumbnails can be dragged left or right. Touch or mouse click to load the 360 view.
Visited locations will be marked with the check icon.



Map markers show your current location and view. You can also drag the map and touch / click markers.

Map and markers


Click / touch the VCam icon.

Line up your shot by dragging the mouse curser or finger inside the viewing area.

VCam Viewfinder

Take the shot with the red button.

Choose your social media platform to post the link to your image.

Share VCam image


Touch/mouse click the Search icon. Enter your search phrase and choose from results.
Click X to clear the results and the search icon to hide the search box.



Touch / click the Sound icon to load the audio.
Click again to stop.


Is there an automated tour around the museum so I don’t have to click everywhere?

Not yet but we’re working on it along with a tour guide.

Tour Guide

I’d like to see a certain museum – when will you have it online?

Send us an email at and tell us the name and city of the museum. We’ll speak to them and let you know!

Is there any sound?

Not yet but we’re working on it

What is the best device to view it on?

Ideally a personal computer or tablet.

The tours work perfecty fine on mobile phones but because of the vast amount of information we have on display within each museum the smaller screen sometimes get's a little cramped.

Unable to view tours

Vuseum tours use the latest technology for their online presentation. This means that browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Internet Explorer need to be updated to the most recent version.

browser icons

Keeping web browsers up to date not only let's you make use of the latest technology available but will also keep you ahead of malicious software!

Paying via PayPal

After you make your secure payment via PayPal, please click on the 'Return to Sellers website' button as shown below.
You can then login and view the tour.

paypal reciept

Paying via Stripe

After you make your secure payment via Stripe, you will be automatically redirected to the Museums page where you can login and view the tour.

Museums Australia


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