Vuseum invites all museums to contact us at to discuss becoming part of the Virtual Museum world and taking your museum to the market using reliable technology. Not everyone can travel to see a museum in another city, state or country but our market research indicates significant numbers of potential customers exist for Virtual Tours.

Vuseum is the instrument developed to provide the online customer with an experience as close as possible to being there. And with access to views they could not see from a walk-in visit, we add much, much more to that experience.

Why Vuseum when Google is doing this?

We’re quite different to Google.
Consider Google as a library, the world sees many great books on the shelves in their ‘walk-through’ tours but – Vuseum takes you inside the books to read the pages and experience the detail in the exhibits, their narrative plaques and particularly views that the public don’t have access to.

We also cover the smaller museums and unique collections. Importantly - part proceeds from each Virtual Tour sale is returned to your museum – we actually put money back into the museum and provide a data report for you to analyse and understand your online customer’s viewing interests.

And what does it cost your museum? Nothing, Vuseum funds 100% of the production and marketing and we recover our costs from the sale of our products.

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