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The Aviation Heritage Museum of Western Australia is owned and operated by the Western Australian Division of the RAAF Association. Its origins trace back to 1929. Located on an Air Force retirement village estate in the suburbs, it houses a collection of over 26 aircraft supported by a list of more than 200 volunteers.

The prime exhibits in the collection are the superbly restored Avro Lancaster Bomber, Supermarine Spitfire and Consolidated PBY-5A Catalina. In our Virtual Museum Tour, you can step inside these machines as well all the other aircraft and look around in amazing detail with our 360° HD images.

The museum also houses a Dakota DC3/C47 Skytrain, DH Tiger Moth, DH Moth Minor, Sopwith Camel (replica), CAC Wackett, Auster J5, Avro Anson, Percival Proctor and a CAC Wirraway plus a collection of kit aircraft and gliders, including a Slingsby Gull and Schneider Kingfisher Glider.

Jets include DH Vampire, Macchi MB-326 and Canberra Bomber

Rotary wing aircraft include Bell UH-1H Iroquois and Scorpion 133

Around the walls are items of memorabilia and artefacts pertaining to the Gulf Wars, Vietnam War, Bomber Command, Coastal Command, Prisoners of War, Pathfinders and the War in the Pacific. 

Step inside today into one of Australia’s most important aviation and aerospace museums!

Floor Plans with 360 locations

North Wing South Wing Centre Area



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Museum Address:

Address: Air Force Memorial Estate, Cnr. Leach Hwy & Bull Creek Drive, Bull Creek, Western Australia, 6149

Phone: +61 8 9311 4470

Established: 1979



  • Auster J-5P Autocar
  • Avro Anson
  • Avro Lancaster
  • Backstrom EPB-1 Glider
  • Bede BD-5
  • Bell UH-1H Iroquois Helicopter
  • Benson B-8M Gyrocopter
  • Bristol Tourer (Replica)
  • CAC Wackett CA-6
  • CAC Wirraway CA-5
  • Consolidated Catalina PBY-5A
  • De Havilland Moth Minor
  • De Havilland Tiger Moth
  • De Havilland Vampire
  • Demoiselle (Replica)
  • Douglas C47 Dakota
  • Fuji SV11 Ultralight
  • GAF Canberra
  • Gardan Sud Horizon
  • Hawker Hurricane (5/8th scale)
  • Heath Parasol
  • Macchi MB-326H
  • Mignet – Flying Flea
  • North American F-86 Sabre (SAAF)
  • Percival Proctor
  • Schneider Kingfisher Glider
  • Scorpion 133 Helicopter
  • Skycraft Scout Ultralight
  • Slingsby Gull Glider
  • Supermarine Spitfire Mk22
  • Sopwith Camel (Replica)
  • Aero Engines – Big Range
  • Artworks
  • Australian Civil Aviation
  • Australians At War
  • Badge Collections
  • Battle of Britain Lace Panel
  • Charles Kingsford Smith & Charlie Ulm
  • Communications Equipment
  • Consolidated Catalina Operations in Australia
  • Early Aviation
  • Handley Page Halifax
  • Japan At War
  • NASA Aerospace – Skylab relics
  • Ordnance
  • RAF Bomber Command
  • Short Sunderland
  • Vietnam War & Middle East Wars to Present Day
  • War Comes To Australia
  • World War 1 In The Air – The Red Barons and other relics


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Vuseum acknowledges the contributions of the following people and organisations.

Narrative Plaques

Museum staff and volunteers


Mr John Park - Museum Manager
RAAFA Aviation Heritage Museum
Cicada Studio
Flashflood Photography


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